Life Members

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Life Members ~ Bob Henry, Nigel Spokes, Laurie Reilly and Mick Kimmitt in 2015
Life Members ~ Bob Henry, Nigel Spokes, Laurie Reilly and Mick Kimmitt in 2015

Allen, R.
Barb, Jack
Bell, Sandra
Blease, Ken
Boulton, D.
Carroll, Frank
Cartledge, Scott
Chandler, Alan
Chandler, G.E.
Chandler, P.E.
Chandler, Sir Gilbert
Chipperfield, R.
Coggins, John
Coleman, E.C. "Ted"
Coleman, Mrs D.
Coleman, Ron
Cromarty, W. "Bill"
Currie, Tim
Davey, Stan
Davies, F.
Downward, B.
Downward, E.H.
Downward, J.
Downward, K.
Downward, R.
Farrell, Peter
Field, Garry
Graham, Norm "Scotchy"
Green, Mrs Elsie
Green, Steve
Greenwell, L.
Hancock, Frank
Henry, Bob
Hibbert, C.
Hinch, Peter
Holding, Barry
Holloway, Frank
Holloway, Ken
Holloway, Mrs T.
Johnson, Mrs Ellen
Jones, Mrs A.
Kimmitt, Colin "Mick"
Kimmitt, Mrs Kay
Kimmitt, Peter
Kimmitt, Robert
Krenn, Colin
Lacey, Alf
Lacey, Ray
Le Marquand, Andrea
Leighton, Eric
Lewer, Arthur
Linkins, Darren
Loebert, Ralf
Madden, R. "Bob"
Mansfield, G.
Matthews, Peter
McDougall, Peter
McKenzie, Ian
McNamara, Brendan
Miller, Merv
Murrihy, David
Mutimer, Mrs K.
Nicholds, G.T. "George"
Nicholds, Mrs N.
Nicholds, R.
O'Hare, Drew
Page, Harold
Page, Vern
Paxton, Colin
Plymin, Dennis
Plymin, Mrs Julia
Pope, G.
Rech, Dillio
Reilly, Laurie
Rickards, D.
Rickards, H.
Roseman, Harold
Schreives, E.
Schultz, Ian
Seabourne, David
Spokes, Nigel
Sutton, Ron
Sykes, Kevin
Tunstall, Garry
Tunstall, John
Turpie, Don
Watson, Phillip "Flip"
Webster, David "Woggy"
Wood, Kristan
Wyatt, Frank



Ellen Johnson ~ Life Member
Ellen Johnson ~ Life Member


Foundation Members of Boronia Football Club

Belton, A.
Cummings, C.
Davies, R.
Green, G.
Hallam, W.
Lumsden, R.
Page, Vern
Schreives, E.