Team Selections for 16th to 18th August


Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v Templestowe at 2:10pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by Knox Club

15 H. Chinn 52 B. Robertson 23 J. Collins 38 F. Duke 29 J. Godwin 12 D. Fairchild 8 J. Hannon 2 L. Hannon 24 J. Hare 21 N. Hare 11 J. Lake 34 J. Millen 19 B. McAlpine 13 J. Mellis 17 L. McKernan 1 R. Henderson 42 B. Rapisarda 16 M. Buzinskas 39 Z. Robinson 36 J. Rutherford 47 T. Steele 37 R. White

Boronia Hawks Netball Squad v East Burwood Black at 6:45pm at Knox Regional – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia

Carla Alexander, Madison Barrie, Amanda Bell, Rhiannon Crompton, Georgia Himmelreich, Rebecca Mills, Kellie Newton, Jennifer Schanssema.

FINAL ROUND – must win for finals!

SEMI FINAL: Boronia Hawks Senior Women’s Squad v FTG at 1:30pm SUNDAY at Mulgrave Reserve – presented by Knox Leisureworks

40 J. Bortoli 1 J. Buzinskas 15 K. Buzinskas 17 D. Caiafa 2 A. Cellante 37 S. Coates 24 R. Crompton 23 A. Davidson 4 T. Doran 14 S. Faull 12 C. Fay 42 B. Forrer-Lacey 27 L. Kabris 5 B. Kinniff 6 P. Lacey 28 D. Langford 30 A. McKaige 11 K. McMahon 20 S. Mellis 32 E. Nicholas 7 A. Penny 16 S. Peril 35 S. Ponton 55 C. Timms

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v Templestowe at 12:05pm at Tormore Reserve – presented by Choices Flooring

62 T. Dodd 31 D. Romano 56 R. Kennedy 74 Z. Brasher 5 S. Bell 9 J. Granland 41 K. Milde 22 M. Geraghty 32 N. Watson 33 J. Mason 18 L. Hare 73 R. Migues 4 B. Castersen 53 T. Dower 10 C. McDonald 40 B. Wright 3 N. Allen 64 D. Dower 44 B. Bishop 78 S. Bramstedt 51 Z. Dower 58 J. Purdon 28 J. Rambaldo

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v South Croydon at 10:00am at Tormore Reserve – presented by Boronia Dentist

3 B. Aughterson 33 M. Cavicchia 7 L. Parkins 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 29 H. Rouse 10 N. Smith 31 Z. Prizmic 2 R. Williams 9 J. Price 1 B. Campbell 12 T. Mellis 30 J. O’Neill 26 M. Green 17 C. Ng 16 W. Morrison 13 B. Anderson 5 H. Fewson 24 L. Wright L. Armstrong 19 H. Coles C. Dunkinson 22 H. Morris 27 K. Schmidtke


Team Selections for 12th to 14th July



EFL Netball Teams – presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Australia (Wantirna South)

Premier Division Boronia Hawks Squad to play Heathmont Jets at 8:20pm at HE Parker Reserve: Carla Alexander, Madison Barrie, Mandy Bell, Ally Forrest, Rebecca Mills, Kellie Newton plus one TBA.

Division 4 Boronia Brown Squad to play Norwood Gold at 9:30pm at Fairhills High: Alisha Clark, Danni Kemp, Courtney Krenn, Bree Martin, Alex McKaige, Eliza Stafford, Ebony Williams plus one TBA.

Boronia Hawks Under 19’s Squad v Mitcham at 10:00am at Walker Park – presented by IGA Alchester

5 H. Fewson 31 Z. Prizmic 26 M. Green 24 L. Wright 30 J. O’Neill 17 C. Ng 18 J. Delrayne 2 R. Williams 3 B. Aughterson 16 W. Morrison 12 T. Mellis 33 M. Cavicchia 10 N. Smith 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 28 L. Pickard 8 J. Rule 9 J. Price 19 H. Coles 4 C. Eccles 29 H. Rouse C Dunkinson

Boronia Hawks Development Squad v Mitcham at 12:05pm at Walker Park – presented by Profinish Roof Plumbing

53 T. Dower 17 T. Dodd 51 Z. Dower 64 D. Dower 18 L. Hare 33 J. Mason 78 S. Bramstedt 4 B. Castersen 73 R. Migues 5 S. Bell 71 P. Kinniff 74 Z. Brasher 46 D. Collins 9 J. Granland 28 J. Rambaldo 40 B. Wright 22 M. Geraghty 3 N. Allen 44 B. Bishop 68 C. Dunster 48 J. Lech 27 L. Leeson 10 C. McDonald 76 K Notley

Boronia Hawks Senior Men’s Squad v Mitcham at 2:10pm at Walker Park – presented by Dyson Currie Pty Ltd

6 M. Storr 12 D. Fairchild 37 R. White 24 J. Hare 7 C. Burgess 21 N. Hare 2 L. Hannon 15 H. Chinn 39 Z. Robinson 42 B. Rapisarda 38 F. Duke 47 T. Steele 23 J. Collins 8 J. Hannon 19 B. McAlpine 34 J. Millen 13 J. Mellis 29 J. Godwin 1 R. Henderson 17 L. McKernan 52 B. Robertson 16 M. Buzinskas

Boronia Hawks Senior Women’s Squad v Rowville at 3:30pm SUNDAY at Eildon Park – presented by Knox Leisureworks

1 J Buzinskas 2 A Cellante 4 T Doran 6 P Lacey 7 A Penny 9 J Lacey 11 K McMahon 12 C Fay 14 S Faull 15 K Buzinskas 16 S Peril 17 D Caiafa 18 Y Mau 20 S Mellis 24 R Crompton 26 K Little 27 L Kabris 28 D Langford 29 T Evans 30 A McKaige 32 E Nicholas 35 S Ponton 37 S Coates 38 C Wright 40 J Bortoli


Knox Club: our Platinum Partner


Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club has been in a great partnership with the Knox Club over many years. A valued sponsor, they have welcomed us for post game day award ceremonies and hosted dozens of fantastic events from balls to presentation nights.  We are very proud to have the Knox Club as our Platinum Sponsor.

All BHFNC players are members of the Knox Club and enjoy the great benefits that come with it. If you’d like learn to learn more about a membership or any of their offerings, please visit the Knox Club website.

Back to Tormore! Senior Men’s Preseason Training

Boronia Hawks will kick off preseason training for the Senior Men’s Squad, Development Squad and Hawk Squad at Tormore Reserve on Wednesday 23 January at 6:00pm sharp.

New players, particularly for Under 17’s and Under 19’s, are very welcome to join us for training to see what the Hawks have to offer.

Enquiries: Ash Johnston, Football Operations Manager, on 0433 365 286 or Craig McKenzie, Hawk Squad Coach, on 0413 329 790



Proudly Sponsored by:



New Video Scoreboard at Tormore Reserve.

It may have taken a lot longer than we initially planned, but Boronia Hawks are very proud to announce that our brand new full colour electronic video scoreboard has now been installed at Tormore Reserve.

The shutters come up on our new video scoreboard!  

Boronia Hawks are very grateful to Knox City Council for all they do to support football and netball for the Boronia community.  On this occasion, we wish to acknowledge Council’s generous assistance in the grant of funds of $40,000 for the purchase and installation of our new scoreboard.  This will be a tremendous asset for the Club for many years to come and will enable us to provide a far better game day presentation for our supporters and sponsors.

We also wish to thank Sandra Bell for her great work to make the successful submission for the grant on behalf of the Club.  Sandra was of course well supported in the submission by our Chairman, Kristan Wood.

A big thank you to our project team that have worked together to ensure the success of the tricky installation of the new panel into our existing scoreboard structure.  Former Treasurer Brian Nightingale was the key player throughout the whole process, along with Ash Johnston our Football Operations Manager.  They were assisted in the final installation by the crack team of Andrew Catley, Bill Notley, Hans Wennagel, Mark McAlpine, Rob Bell and Stu McDonald.  Many thanks to you all for giving up your time for this important project for the Club.

For the technically minded supporters, our sensational new video scoreboard from AusSport has the following features:

  • GameChanger scoring software for Aussie rules, and other sports as required including Cricket, Soccer, Union, League etc.
  • Ability to display all types of graphics, text & video
  • Player profiles and goal animations
  • Wireless data connection
  • FREE lifetime software updates to enable more features
  • The scoreboard can also do the following with additional hardware/software
    • Include video input such as DVD/Blu-ray players, set top box or live video feed connection
    • Video replay input device.

Friday Night Netball with Boronia Hawks

Boronia Hawks is a great place to come and play EFL Netball.  We would love to hear from any new players who are looking for a team, or just want to find out a bit more.

Please contact our Netball Manager, Sherridan at or fill out the contact form so we can get in touch with you.


Netball 2019 EOI

3 Preliminary Finals for 3 Wins: a great day for the Hawks.

Seniors FINALS SCOREBOARD – presented by Knox Club

Boronia 10.13 73 d Scoresby 4.8 32

Goals: Lachie Watson 3, Luke Hannon 1, Josh Hannon 1, Damon Fairchild 1, Brayden Bowes 1, Ryan White 1, Zak Robinson 1, Ben Robertson 1.
Best Players: Luke Hannon, Harry Burgess, Jess Bolton, Ryan Henderson, Lachie McKernan, Jayden Collins.

D Squad FINALS SCOREBOARD – presented by Alchester IGA

Boronia 11.8 74 d Heathmont 3.6 24
Goals: Corey Burgess 4, Michael Smith 2, Brett Castersen 1, Nick Heuston 1, Matt Geraghty 1, Ryan Warren 1, Luke Leeson 1.
Best Players: Corey Burgess, Luke Johnson, Matt Geraghty, Zac Dower, Brett Castersen, Chris McDonald.

U19’s FINALS SCOREBOARD – presented by Knox Leisureworks YMCA

Boronia 9.6 60 d Heathmont 7.15 57
Goals: Tyler Dower 4, Harry Fewson 2, Bailey Campbell 1, Cooper Dunkinson 1, Jackson Lech 1.
Best Players: Ben Anderson, Fletcher Duke, Mason Storr, Nathan Hare, Jackson Lech, Tyler Dower.


Preliminary Final Teams for Sunday 9 September

Seniors Squad to play Scoresby in the Preliminary Final at 2:10pm on SUNDAY at East Burwood – presented by Knox Club.

1 R. Henderson 2 L. Hannon 6 A. Phillips 8 J. Hannon 11 J. Lake 12 D. Fairchild 13 L. Watson 14 J. Bolton 15 H. Chinn 16 M. Buzinskas 17 L. McKernan 19 B. McAlpine 23 J. Collins 25 B. Bowes 29 J. Godwin 36 J. Rutherford 37 R. White 39 Z. Robinson 42 B. Rapisarda 45 H. Burgess 47 T. Steele 52 B. Robertson.

Development Squad to play Heathmont in the Preliminary Final at 12:05pm on SUNDAY at East Burwood – presented by Knox Leisureworks YMCA

3 N. Allen 74 Z. Brasher 60 M. Bruce 7 C. Burgess 70 N. Carrodus 4 B. Castersen 64 D. Dower 51 Z. Dower 22 M. Geraghty 9 J. Granland 21 N. Heuston 32 L. Johnson 27 L. Leeson 10 C. McDonald 73 R. Migues 42 K. Milde 33 R. Miller 30 J. Paterson 58 J. Purdon 31 D. Romano 15 D. Ruff 67 M. Smith 24 R. Warren 40 B. Wright.

U19’s Squad to play Heathmont in the Preliminary Final at 10:00am on SUNDAY at East Burwood – presented by Lipari Pizza and TJ’s on Main

13 B. Anderson 22 J. Baker 80 T. Dower 1 F. Duke C. Dunkinson 27 H. Emslie 5 H. Fewson 29 L. Fletcher 74 S. Fung 14 J. Gardiner-Hoffman 7 T. Griffiths 18 N. Hare 10 J. Lech 19 J. McDonald 9 J. Mellis 12 T. Mellis 16 W. Morrison 76 K. Notley 17 J. O’Neill 21 L. Slater M. Storr 30 L. Sturdy 2 R. Williams 35 L. Wright.