Knox Local Champions for Gender Equality Awards

Congratulations to our very own KAREN LITTLE and CANDYCE WRIGHT for being well deserved finalists in the Knox Local Champions for Gender Equality Awards! We are so fortunate to have two such outstanding women guiding the development of our programs for Women’s and Girl’s Football and the implementation of our Gender Equity Plan.

Karen Little: “Thank you everyone for such kind words. We have a Board and Committees committed to Gender Equity, support from our Men’s playing group, Club members and volunteers. We have football and netball squads of amazing women enjoying participating in their sport and wanting to be part of our Club. It’s really a nomination for our whole Club community, not only me. It takes a whole community to create change.”

Candyce Lee “I couldn’t agree more! This is great personal recognition but something that has been possible given the club and community we having backing us in the process. Once again Boronia FNC leading the way“.