New High Tech Scoreboard at Miller Park

Our Electronic Scoreboard is up and running at Miller Park.

It looks fantastic. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank a number of people who made this project possible and a huge success. Firstly, Kerryn Westcott (U17 Parent).  Kerryn was instrumental in putting in an outstanding Grant submission, securing us a $40,000 grant for this project. Well done Kerryn!

Thank you to Nathan Allen (Senior Vice Pres and Player).  Nathan ran the project from start to finish, ensuring everything went to plan with the placement, planning and erection of the board. Top effort Nathan.  Dillio Rech (Coterie and Senior Clubman).  Dillio was our excavator in this project, digging the trenches and holes for the steel framework. His work was very generously gifted to the club.  Hats off to Dillio.

Shane Bishop (Past Junior President and Past Parent of the Club) did all the electrical work associated with the scoreboard, including running power to the shed at Millers. Thank you for all your efforts.  Cam Mellis also assisted with initial steel fabrication information and project info. Thanks Cam.  I know there were other people who assisted Nathan with the concrete footings, and I would like to thank them for all their efforts as well.

It’s with the great support of people within the whole club that allow us to complete projects such as this. Well done and thank you once again.

Ellisa Schmidtke, Junior President

The new scoreboard at Miller Park, which has now been configured and programmed for Boronia, not Vietnam v BizMac!