Senior Coaching Roles for 2021 – announcement by Greg Hannon

Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is pleased to announce the Senior Football Department roles for season 2021. We strongly believe our football department is the equal, if not better, than any in the league. The experience and knowledge of not just football, but of building solid relationships and having an awareness of player wellbeing is most evident in our 2021 BHFNC senior roles. We are still to fill our Netball Manager role but are hopeful that position will be filled before the end of this year. Other key roles in the football department will be announced in the very near future.

Our Club is proud to announce each person in our football department. They play a key role in ensuring the continued growth and success of our Club. They share and role model our Club values and their continued loyalty to our Club is much appreciated.


Matt is one of the most respected coaches in the EFNL. Matt has earned that respect by not just focussing on team success but on the welfare of each individual under his care. Matt’s compassion, his empathy, his drive and energy to push our list to be the best they can be makes our club most fortunate to have him steering our male football ship. We don’t take it for granted that Matt chooses to coach our club. Any club in the league would employ him tomorrow, but he enjoys being involved in our club and we are grateful to have him be a significant influence over our senior men’s playing list.

Steve’s experience, his level headedness and his football knowledge built over so many years of involvement at a local level makes him the perfect foil for Matt. The two men are close friends, they have coached together for many years now and complement each other. Teaks is an absolute asset to our club and we hope he has many more years of coaching involvement at the ‘Hawka.’

Drew has been a respected and admired senior assistant coach for many, many years. One of the most passionate and committed Boronia people I’ve ever met, having Drew involved in our seniors men’s program is like the sun coming up in the morning: it’s just supposed to happen!! Drew brings a wealth of football and club knowledge to the table and we are so grateful for his continued service to our club. LIfe Member and Club legend!

Ray and Scott have worked together to grow our senior women’s program over the last three seasons. Ray, a club great and Scott, a current senior player and Club Chairman, share a strong passion for growing and enhancing the women’s football program at our Club. Both men have built strong relationships with our female playing list and are always searching for opportunities to improve our women’s program. Ray and Scott have built a strong coaching relationship over the past three years and can’t wait to build on their foundations in 2021.


I was able to bring Brock to our club over a coffee in Ormond about 4 years ago. That proved to be one of our Club’s best coffees. Brock is now a HAWKA through and through! A Club sponsor, a dual premiership coach and a person that prides himself on building rock solid relationships with his players. He has the toughest gig at the club and he knows it! Craig treats his players with great love and respect and that absolutely goes both ways. I was fortunate to coach with him at Upwey and their loss has been our gain!


As far as the coaching staff goes, Greg is the newbie on the block. A passionate and dedicated coach, Greg is not afraid to think outside the box and bring fresh and innovative ideas to the coaching staff. The proud  father of Jordy, Greg works harmoniously with Brock and spends much time communicating with the players and trying to find 1%ers to improve our list.


Having Ash steering the recruiting and the management of our senior list and coaching staff has been an absolute blessing. Ash is a Boronia person, he is a relationship person and he aspires to make our Club create a backbone that will hold us in good stead for many years to come. Ash, a former senior player, a major sponsor of our Club, and now producing future father / son players, is the conduit between player / coaches and committee. He has been working his backside off resigning our player list for 2021 and I can’t wait to see our senior list in action next season. I have no doubt we can continue to compete and play deep into finals.


Nath, is a current senior men’s footballer, a former senior captain and one of the most respected people at our Club. Nathan, as Senior Vice President of our club will also now oversee the growth and development of our senior women’s program. Women’s football has been a major growth area of our Club and to have someone of the quality of Nathan overseeing this area of the Club will see women’s football continue to grow and ‘shine’ at our Club. Nathan’s wife, Bec, is also a current senior player so Nathan has an intimate knowledge of all challenges faced by our female playing list. Nathan will support our coaching staff and ensure our female players get every opportunity to improve their skills and enjoy playing the great game wearing a Boronia jumper.

COVID-19 Message from Scott Nicholas

Everyone around Victoria is currently in lockdown under Stage 4 restrictions. We all have a responsibility to do the right thing regarding the restrictions; we also have a responsibility to each other to stay safe, stay connected and stay positive.

We know a lot of our players, coaches, volunteers and families have already been impacted mentally and financially because of COVID-19, and many more will face hardship because of the new restrictions.

Let’s remember why this is in place, to ensure we all stay safe and healthy.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding mental health and wellbeing, and it’s a fantastic reminder for everyone with the Boronia community to prioritise their mental health.

Please look after yourselves, check in on each other, and be sure to connect with all of the great mental health services if you’re struggling to cope. You can check some out on the Wellbeing Hub on the Boronia Hawks website.

While many of us will face difficulties over the coming six weeks, there are some who may be is a less fortunate position and may struggle for basic necessities or a roof over their heads. If anyone from within the club is concerned about another club member please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.

We are in this together, and we will get through this together.



Scott Nicholas, Club Chairman

“We’ll Rebound Quickly”.

Daniel Cencic from Knox Leader talks to Boronia’s Senior President, Greg Hannon.

Boronia President Greg Hannon has backed his club to rebound “quickly” from the coronavirus as it continues to navigate its way through the season shut down.

The Hawks have been one of the top performing teams in their division across the past two seasons, winning a premiership in the league’s third tier in 2018 before a minor premiership last year.

Hannon declared premiership coach Matt Clark would “absolutely” be steering the Hawks next season, as the club remains strong on and off the field through the crisis.

“We’re financially very strong,” Hannon said. “we’ve got a great coaching group – I think we’ve got one of the best in the league and we’ve got an incredibly good list of young players.

“Putting this three factors together, we’re very stable – we’ve got good off-field leadership – we’re one club now – junior, senior, netball, women’s. We’re very solid both on and off the field, so when we get the chance to rebound, we’ll rebound quickly.”

Attention has now turned to retaining players with player payments set to be slashed statewide from 2021. The slated figure for the Division 2 salary cap is $60,000. (NB: not confirmed).

“We’ve got a really loyal group of young players and I’m sure they will take a bit of a cut, but we don’t foresee anyone moving because they know we’ve had a couple of years of winning a lot more games than losing,” Hannon said.

“Our time to shine is in the next two or three years – everyone’s getting 50, 60, 70, 80 games under their belt now and all those kids are close to 100 game players now, we should be pushing had for premierships in the next three or four years.”

Hannon, who played for the Hawks in the 1986 flag and coached the club from 2003 to 2005, said Boronia’s “unique” culture held it in good stead for keeping its list intact.

“The club’s got an incredible culture – it has for many, many, years,” he said. “Often people from other clubs say ‘What is it about Boronia?’, because we have a huge past-player commitment and they’re heavily involved in the club.

“I’ve coached a few clubs – I’ve coached Upwey, Knox and I’ve coached Boronia, and nothing’s like the commitment of our past players, it’s quite unique.

“It’s a working class club, everyone’s included and it works well.”

Boronia Veterans

The EFNL became one of the first major suburban competitions to call it quits on season 2020 in early June.

Hannon praised the league for its handling of the season shutdown and hopes pre-season can begin as normal later in the year.

“Fingers crossed it (pre-season) starts late November, December when we normally start,” he said.

“I think the league made the right call when they went early – it gave us a bit of clarity of what we can plan for and I think the league have done a pretty good job, it’s a tough gig.”

COVID-19 Announcement

The Eastern Football Netball League has advised clubs that all club sanctioned training must be cancelled immediately, and indefinitely, due to the renewed lockdown restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne.

Although the Club is understandably disappointed, the Board and committees fully endorse the league’s decision. We are very disappointed for our many junior players who were only weeks away from a resumption in play. However, the health and safety of Club members is always our first priority.

Further advice will be communicated as it becomes available.

On behalf of the Board,
David Nicholas
Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club Inc.

Vale Charlie Kiff

The Boronia footy community is saddened to learn that Charlie Kiff passed away over the weekend.

Charlie was involved with the junior club through the 70’s and was a passionate Hawks supporter during the 80’s. He used to help sell beer out of a wheelbarrow out the front of the club rooms.

Although Charlie didn’t pull on the Hawker jumper himself, he was very good footballer in his own right, playing over 300 games for his local club & also winning the under 19s B&F for Collingwood FC in 1952.

He loved the Hawka and he is remembered fondly as a good man and a great story teller.

Many thanks to Tim Burgess for his memories of Charlie and to Greg Mackley for sharing this photograph of Charlie and other junior dads at the old Boronia ground.

New Grant from Victorian Government

Thanks once again to Jackson Taylor MP for his great support of our Club through the COVID-19 support package for community sport and recreation bodies.

It is a tough time for all community clubs, and our footy and netball players and supporters are naturally disappointed, but understanding of the cancellation of our senior seasons. It is good to know that you and Dan Andrews are looking out for the grassroots sporting clubs that are so important to suburban and country Victoria.

Thank you also to our Special K Team, Karen Little and Kerryn Westcott who are doing a brilliant job in seeking grants for the Club to support our programs. We are very grateful to these two ladies who put in the time and effort to work through complicated grants applications for the benefit of all club members.

Club Statement on the 2020 Season

As a club, and Boronia community, we’re all feeling disappointed with the decision to cancel the 2020 season for senior men and women.

The club plays such a huge part of the lives and wellbeing of so many people, and to know that we will need to go without it for the foreseeable future, in a time when perhaps we need it most, is hard to swallow. With so many sad and tragic events in Australia and around the world, we must keep our footy in perspective but we all could do with the support of our footy family that comes from sharing a laugh at training and on game day.

In saying this, we appreciate and acknowledge the leadership of the EFNL in navigating through an unprecedented situation. We recognise that this has been a difficult decision with a number of factors in play, and ultimately the decision has been based on the health and safety of all of our members, and the future viability of club’s within the league. In a tough time, we can’t do anything but respect this decision and appreciate the work that’s occurred and will continue to occur, behind the scenes for the betterment of football and netball in the east.

As a Club we are in strong position, and we have an amazing group of volunteers and supporters. We’ve created some serious momentum and our Board and Committees will keep pushing to ensure we are in an even stronger position when senior football and netball returns in 2021.

Thank you to all of our club members for their positivity and resilience over the past few months. I couldn’t be more proud of the club and know we will face the next period in the same way.

While we’re thrilled our junior footballers will be able to participate in a modified season, and look forward to supporting our little Hawka’s in 2020, we still face a number of challenges, but will meet them with thorough planning and optimism.

We will continue to build our Club off the field with renewed enthusiasm to ensure that we continue the momentum we’ve created over the past few years. We will come back stronger.

Our focuses are clear for the remainder of 2020:

  1. The health and wellbeing of our senior players and members – the consequential impacts on the health, wellbeing and social connection of club members can not be underestimated. Continuing engagement and support will be the overwhelming priority over the coming months.
  2. Building our momentum off-field – we will continue our work off the field to strengthen our strategic and operational efforts.
  3. Our Juniors – what a fantastic opportunity for the Club to throw its full support behind our junior teams for the coming months and help foster the next generation of Boronia men and women.

We understand this news has been devastating for our members and encourage everyone to look at the wellbeing hub on our website, and continue to connect and support each other in a difficult time.

We also our encourage our members to be respectful with any commentary made on social media, as we understand that many may be feeling frustrated and disappointed with the decision.

For our Juniors, we’re excited to support you with all of the Club behind you. Coaches will begin to communicate with each group in the coming days.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Scott on 0403 238 494. Thanks again to everyone in the HAWKA community. You’re all amazing, and YOU are the reason this Club is what it is today.


Scott Nicholas

Chairman, Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club Inc.



“Please find attached a timeline that the League is working to with AFL Victoria and the other Metropolitan Leagues. We believe a united approach is critical to working through and making any decisions on Competitions. Hopefully this provides some clarity at least in terms of key dates and when you can expect to hear further updates”.

Eulogy for Bob Henry – Boronia Legend

This eulogy for Bob Henry was delivered at today’s memorial service for our greatest clubman.

The Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club is mourning the passing of its greatest ever contributor. In Bob’s early years he had stints playing football at the Yarraville Social Club and then Camberwell in the 1940’s but when he moved to Boronia in 1950, the Boronia Mayblooms soon became his home away from home. Bob played on a wing and half forward until 1958 and then moved on to the committee in 1959. He quickly became President in 1960 and then for decades served as the Club’s Vice President. Bob has been honoured for 50 years dedicated service in 2000 and was recognised for 70 years service last season. Even in his 70th season he was still chopping up onions as we prepared for the hosting of First Division Finals.

Bobby was much loved by generations of players. From the Murra’s, Lace and Tunna’s in the 70’s to the Panda’s and Bomma’s in the 90’s he was adored by so many as he had an incredible capacity to make connections with the youth of the Boronia area. Bob wouldn’t care if you were the local doctor, local copper or local brickie, if you played for ‘The Hawka’, you were one of us and you were all going to be treated with respect and dignity. As Vice President, Bobby would be seen sweeping out the rooms after the games, pouring beers behind the bar or handing out apparel as the clubs property steward. He did it all! He also gave ‘free’ advice to all Club presidents, always offering support and encouragement as he had a great appreciation of their efforts at running the Club as he had once been in that role.

Bob spent hours in the company of friends like Mick and Kay Kimmitt, Nigel Spokes and later in his life, Ellen Johnson was there to always make sure he didn’t go thirsty or hungry. They would all be so disappointed they couldn’t be here today to see off their lifelong friend.

Our club, Bob’s club, will hold our own memorial service when all the restrictions are lifted and no doubt many a story about Bobby will be told over a beer or three. His list of achievements are too long to mention but I know for a fact our triple premiership win in 2018 made Bob beam with pride for weeks as the legacy of his decades of toil was on display for all to enjoy!

Bobby will be sadly missed on a Thursday night at the club and on game day with his binoculars following every tackle and contest. His name will live on as our senior best and fairest award is named in his honour. We thank Bob and his family for allowing him to create the backbone of a club that is currently striving to match the values he has instilled on us over the last 70 years. He will be missed but never forgotten!

Greg “Flash” Hannon

Senior President, Boronia Hawks Football Netball Club